Summer Afternoons: In case you missed Thursday

Afternoon Talk 20/12/2018

If you missed Summer Talk this afternoon with Mary Lambie, you can listen back to the interviews here from Wednesday December 20th, 2018.

Which gifts are back up on Trade Me come Boxing Day?

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Millie Silvester Trade Me spokesperson discusses the hottest items on the site in the lead-up to Christmas, (trampolines, e-bikes and Playstations) and the unwanted presents people are normally trying to get of from Boxing Day onward.

First crime survey results revealed

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James Swindells, Justice Ministry head of research, discusses the release of this country’s first-ever crime and victims survey, which suggests almost two million crimes were committed in New Zealand last year.

'We got it wrong' - Sensible Sentencing

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Sensible Sentencing Trust founder Garth McVicar on the trouble the organisation finds itself after putting a picture of a man on its offender database, wrongly labelling him as being a convicted paedophile.

Why you should get travel insurance these holidays

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Chris White, chief executive of Southern Cross Travel Insurance, on why you should be lining up travel insurance before you head abroad on holiday this Christmas.

Music is a window to reach those with Alzheimers

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Dr Jeff Anderson, associate professor in Radiology at the University of Utah, discusses a study which will come as joy to music lovers, showing that music memories cannot be lost to Alzheimers and dementia.

The art of crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding Marketing Agency owner Roy Morejon who has raised over $160 million on Kickstarter over the past 6+ years, on the art of successful crowdfunding, exactly what crowdfunding is and whether or not this is the right time of the year to be hitting people up for money.

Is your dog bored?

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Jordan Coulson, our pet expert, on how to recognise and stop boredom in dogs along with some top tips for a well behaved pet over the holidays.

Coral rescue

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Southern Cross University professor Peter Harrison on how ecology and technology have combined to allow a robot to deliver heat-tolerant coral larvae directly onto the Great Barrier Reef in an attempt to help restore and recover one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

How do we make decisions?

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Professor Stefan Bode, head of Decision Neuroscience Lab at the University of Melbourne, on how the brain makes the decision to choose chips or chocolate when snacking, and how it could ultimately change the way we have viewed the relationship between decisions and preferences.

Is Oumumua an alien object?

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Michael Brown, associate professor at Monash University, on the phenomenon that is Oumumua.