The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

Long Lunch 06/12/2018

Missed The Long Lunch with Lynda Hallinan? Don't panic - listen now to the best bits from Thursday, 6 December 2018.

Bindi Irwin on her father's legacy and new TV show

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Bindi Irwin on her family's new TV series, Crikey, It's the Irwins! - carrying on the work of her late father Steve 'The Crocodile Hunter' Irwin.

Ultramarathon runner hitched a ride

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64-year-old ultramarathon runner Perry Newburn discusses his decision to out himself and relinquish his claim to have run the length of New Zealand in record time after admitting he was driven for parts of the route.

Why you need to make a will

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Carolyn Ranson, estate litigation lawyer at Smith and Partners, talks the case of Pauline Annett, who went to court claiming $700,000 from the $1.4 million estate of her friend, who died without leaving a will.

Trump wants fentanyl dealers to face execution penalty

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Dorothy Parvaz, Global Politics reporter at ThinkProgress on Donald Trump’s  assertion that China should execute fentanyl dealers.

New Zealand's first craft beer diploma

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Alex Huffadine, Otago Polytechnic’s Central Campus head of school on the upgraded $3 million campus in Bannockburn, Central Otago, which now offers New Zealand's first craft beer diploma.

Health, Mind & Body: David Avocado Wolfe

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Personality David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe is one of Facebook’s most ubiquitous public figures, with over 12 million followers.

He talks about the cult of the Nutribullet, how ‘chocolate is an octave of the sun’, accusations of promoting ‘scientific flimflam’ and how he became a member of the Flat Earth Society. Dunalliela Salina was the algae he was talking about.

How to communicate with your pet

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Jordan Coulson from on how to communicate with your pet.

Can Shadbolt be toppled?

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Toni Biddle, Invercargill City Councillor, has announced her decision to challenge 71-year-old Tim Shadbolt, the longest serving incumbent mayor in New Zealand.

Social Media and Technology

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Vaughn Davis with what's new this week in social media and technology.

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