Summer Talk: In case you missed Wednesday afternoon

News 19/12/2018

In case you missed RadioLIVE's Summer Talk on Wednesday afternoon with Mary Lambie, you can listen back here to the interviews from Wednesday December 19th 2018.

Death threats recieved after le Roux home detention sentence

Photo: Newshub.

Belinda Sellars, lawyer of convicted hit and run driver Rouxle le Roux on the death threats her client has received since receiving a home detention sentence of 11 months for killing a teenage boy, the petition that was delivered to Parliament yesterday as the public backlash to the sentence grows.

Rival gangs not considering uniting to repel international gangs

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Denis O’Reilly, Black Power life member on what his gang and the Mongrel Mob want to do to repel the growing threat of international gangs invading New Zealand.

Tim MicKinnel on Gail Maney case

Photo: Unsplash.

Tim McKinnel, professional investigator and former cop on his theory that exoneration in the case of Gail Maney, who was found found guilty of ordering the killing of Deane Fuller-Sandys in 1999, could be even bigger than Teina Poura’s wrongful conviction.

Carlton sues for dance moves

Photo: Epic Games ABC.

David Hecht lawyer for Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) on his client’s move to sue Epic Games for copying his famous ‘Carlton dance’ from the iconic 1990s show.

Backyard Banter

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Tony Murrell joins Mary Lambie for Backyard Banter with all your gardening questions and tips on what you should be doing in the garden at the moment.

Summertime motoring

Photo: Getty.

Eric Thompson our motoring correspondent on getting ready for the big Christmas trip to the beach, gifts for the petrol head in the family and how to avoid motion sickness on your summer roadie.

Parenting Panel

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The Parenting Panel with tips for parents over Christmas.

That don't impress me much

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Mitch McCann, Newshub reporter on his less than satisfactory experience at the opening (largely lip-synched) Shania Twain concert in Auckland last night.

Ham is the Christmas winner

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Kit Arkwright Retail Meat New Zealand spokesperson on the results of the Great New Zealand Christmas Census, which shows unequivocally that pork and ham remain the meat of choice when it comes to Kiwis’ Christmas meals.