The Long Lunch: In case you missed Wednesday

Long Lunch 12/12/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch today with Carly Flynn you can listen back to the interviews here from Wednesday, December 12th 2018.

Medicinal Cannabis

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The medicinal cannabis bill passed it’s third reading in parliament yesterday, meaning it's likely terminally ill patients will be able to use medicinal cannabis for pain relief legally in the next year.

Panapa Ehau, the founder and managing director of Hikurangi Cannabis explains what they're allowed to do and how this bill would be unlikely under National.

How safe is your suncream?

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A new consumer New Zealand report shows that six out of ten products that were tested didn’t meet their claims.

Sue Chetwin from Consumer New Zealand describes the result as dissapointing, and provides some tips for sunscreen.

2018 Auckland homeless numbers

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Demand for emergency food parcels is up more than a quarter - and it's going to get worse, according to the Auckland City Mission. Chris Farrelly, Auckland City missioner and Darryl Evans, Mangere budgeting centre share what people can do to help.

Social Media maestro

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AMI Insurance is doing a 2018 version of the iconic 1998 AMI commercial, Party at Kelly Browne’s.

Matt Pryor explains what was behind the success and how the new commerical will remind us of how social media has evolved.

Backyard Banter

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Tony Murrell, Home and Garden host shares his wisdom on fruits for winter, birds, bugs and rain.

Why Christmas?

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The Christmas expert James Cooper from Why Christmas answer all of the questions our listeners have about his absolute favourite time of the year.


Eric Thompson, motoring expert warns to be careful about filling up on gas this Christmas and the best wau to get your Christmas tree home.

Parenting Panel

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John Cowan from The Parenting Panel and Yvonne Godfrey from Miomo discuss different pathways for kids after leaving high school.

Musician Leza Corban

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Leza Corban, entertainer and vocal coach is best known for her Silver Scroll winning vocals on Sweet Disorder.

She shares the songs that inspired her growing up and the favourite people she's perfomed with.

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