Summer Afternoons: In case you missed Friday

Afternoon Talk 11/01/2019

If you missed this afternoon with Leah Panapa on Summer Talk, you can listen backk to the best bits here from Friday January 11th 2019.

IKEA's coming, but when and where?

Photo: Reuters.

Newshub's Bridget Grace on IKEA's announcement that they are coming to New Zealand, followed by Jonathan Elms, Head of Massey University’s retail degree and research programmes on the effect it will have on our market.

SAFE wants rodeo banned

Photo: File.

Marianne Macdonald, SAFE Head of Campaigns on their feelings about this rodeo season.

Biking in the crowds

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Patrick Morgan, spokesperson from CAN – Cycling Action Network on the issues around more people on bikes.

Freedom campers need info

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Charlie Ives, Executive Officer of Regional Tourism New Zealand (RTNZ) on the issues around freedom camping this summer.

Sh*t towns of New Zealand

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Sh*t towns of NZ author Geoff Rissolle on his adventures in sh*t towns around the country and across the Tasman.

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