Summer Afternoons: In case you missed Thursday

Afternoon Talk 10/01/2019

If you missed this afternoon on Summer Talk with Leah Panapa, you can listen back to the best bits here from Thursday January 10th, 2019.

NZ's population to hit 5 million by end of year

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Populations expert Paul Spoonley, Massey University on New Zealand's fastest year of adding a million to it's population as we are set to hit 5 million by the end of the year.

Lime scooters to stay in Auckland

Photo: The AM Show.

Newshub's Lucy Warhurst on Lime scooter's trial getting an extension to stay on in Auckland till the end of March.

Letting loophole

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Tenants protection Association chair Anthony Rimell on letting fees.

Trumps Oval Office address

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US correspondent Carol Ramos on reaction to Trump's Oval Office address.

Innovation predictions for 2019

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David Downs, general manager, Trade and Enterprise, looks at the technology breakthroughs we can look forward to this year.

Reusable rubbish bags?

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Sue Chetwin, Consumer NZ chief executive looks at the alternatives they've been testing to using banned single use plastic bags to line your bin.

How can we avoid fat-bergs?

Photo: Twitter.

Auckland Councillor Alf Filipaina, deputy chair of the Environment and Community committee on the risk of fat bergs in New Zealand.

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