Summer Afternoons: In case you missed Thursday

Afternoon Talk 17/01/2019

If you missed this afternoon on Summer Talk with Leah Panapa, you can listen back to the best bits here from Thursday 17th January, 2019.

Why do pies cost more now?

Photo: Getty.

Kevin Gilbert, President of the baking industry association explains why the price of pies has gone up.

How to set up good work habits

Photo: Unsplash.

Sophia Graham, communications & marketing manager, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand on reducing workplace stress.

Voice activation going into 'everything'

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David Downs, general manager, NZ Trade and Enterprise on innovations coming out of the CES conference in Las Vegas, including a voice activated toilet.

Pride march replaces parade

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Luke Wilson, Pride Festival coordinator on the changes to February's Pride Festival.

Should kids miss school to travel cheaper?

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Newshub travel editor Dan Lake on parents taking kids out of school to travel.

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