Summer Afternoons: In case you missed Wednesday

Afternoon Talk 09/01/2019

If you missed afternoon talk with Leah Panapa today, you can listen back here to the best bits from Wednesday January 9th 2019.

Staying safe when you swim

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CEO of Water Safety NZ, Jonty Mills talks about New Zealand's most dangerous areas, the most common mistakes people make and what to look out for when you are going for a swim.

Survey shows cannabis referendum would pass

Photo: Newshub.

Paul Manning, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Helius Therapeutics on the survey they commissioned Horizon Research to do which shows the cannabis referendum could recieve 60% of votes in support of personal use.

Collins on automatic name suppression for officers involved in fatal shootings

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Former corrections and police MP Judith Collins on a Bill to give automatic name suppression to police officers involved in fatal shootings that has been prepared by  Chris Bishop.

Bookstores are doing better

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Jenna Todd, manager of Time Out Bookstore, on the rise of the independent bookstore.

Most drone users behaving sensibly

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NZ aviation safety expert Andrew Shelley on drones and how they need to be policed.

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