Summertime reads

Afternoon Talk 07/01/2019
Photo: Unsplash.

Joan Mackenzie from Whitcoulls takes a look at some great summer reads:
Half Moon Lake by Kirsten Alexander. This novel is based on a true story of a young boy who goes missing in Louisiana and his desperate parents search for him for months. When a child is eventually found and they claim him as their own, another mother whose son is also missing is sure they have her boy.

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. This book is based on real people and real events, it concerns three different groups of women in WW2,  a wealthy philanthropist in NYC who wants to help the orphans of war, a young German female doctor who is assigned to work in one of the concentration camps and twin Polish sisters who are sent to that camp. Their lives eventually intersect and it is just wonderful.

The Fast 800 by Michael Mosley. Mosley is the architect behind the Fasting Diet which has been all the rage over recent years. This is more from him, based on intermittent fasting, and eating no more than 800 calories a day.