Mark Sainsbury wants to create a champion for elderly

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Note: automatically provides an option of donating, however, this is not Mark Sainsbury's intention for the petition. He is not calling for donations, just signatures. 

Morning Talk host Mark Sainsbury has listened to numerous anecdotes of elderly abuse and neglect across the country.

It began with a call from a listener in March, who told Sainsbury about alleged neglect of her elderly father in his rest home. That night, the DHB sent a representative to investigate the rest home. Her father died overnight.

The following three days resulted in emails, text and calls from listeners sharing their own stories of elderly care and neglect

This petition is the best way we can do something without just talking about it.

The topic recurred on the show over the next few months, leaving Sainsbury to believe that something more needed to be done. On 19 June, the Morning Talk host launched an official petition for the Government to create a champion for elderly citizens.

“This petition is the best way we could do something without just talking about it,” Sainsbury said. 

Grey Power backs Mark Sainbury's petition

Grey Power's national president Mac Welch spoke to RadioLIVE about the federation's commitment to helping create a champion for elderly.

Listen to the full interview above.

Mark Sainsbury's petition reads:

We are concerned the interests and rights of our elderly citizens are not being protected. The Children's Commissioner advocates for protecting the rights of our children, so where is the advocate for our elderly?

We call on the government to create a champion for our elderly – to ensure they receive the respect and care they deserve in all aspects of their lives.

To that end we, the undersigned, call for the establishment of a commissioner for the elder (or similar) to ensure our precious seniors are protected.

CLICK HERE or below to sign Mark Sainsbury's petition. 

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