Mark Sainsbury’s petition for elderly surpasses 2,000 signatures

Morning Talk 23/06/2018

RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury wants to ensure elderly citizens are treated fairly and that their rights are protected.

On Tuesday, the Morning Talk host launched a petition to Parliament calling for a champion for elderly citizens – similar to the Children’s Commissioner.

But he warned that he can’t convince Parliament to make this change by himself. He needs the New Zealand public to stand by him in his fight for elderly citizens across the country.

“Politicians will only listen to numbers,” Sainsbury emphasised on The AM Show.

On Friday, Sainsbury’s petition reached 2,000 signatures. Below are some of the comments left on the petition:

I'm 83 years old and may end up in a rest home myself. I have seen elderly abuse in rest homes on several occasions. - Patricia

Age Concern declared financial neglect but did not have the power to enforce any action. After solicitors and barristers have had a big bite of my Mums estate my Mums fundamental needs are still neglected and we continue to live with stress and hardship. - Glenda

Its a pity we get old, it’s almost an inconvience to some families & to hear horrible stories about rest homes, it’s about time the Government took control over the excessive cost they charge, when the care is as bad as child abuse. – Nova

The elderly are our parents, grandparents, great grandparents who generations have looked up to, respected and learned a great deal from. They paved our way. Lest we not forget - they should always be treasured and treated with dignity, love and respect. Let’s take care of them for they once took care of and nurtured all our fellow human brothers and sisters. – Jan

I work for Psychogeriatric services and in my role I see this first hand. The elderly are abused and used. This age group is grossly underrepresented and underfunded - Steph

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