Paula Bennett has no regrets on gastric bypass surgery

Morning Talk 27/06/2018

National MP Paula Bennett doesn’t care what haters say about her weight loss surgery.

“I honestly don’t care what they think. That’s why I went public,” she told RadioLIVE.

The former Deputy Prime Minister underwent gastric bypass surgery in late 2017, and publicised her choice in a Facebook post and interview with the NZ Herald.

I felt more judged as a fat person, to be honest with you.

“It really has made a difference to my life. Good and challenging, I’ve got to say. But I feel great,” she said.

In April, Ms Bennett told The AM Show that she had lost 30kg since getting the weight loss surgery.

“Man it certainly changes your eating habits and drinking habits. There’s no choice in it anymore – you’re really restricted. And that’s why it works,” she told Mark Sainsbury.  

When asked whether people judge her for opting for surgery, Ms Bennett replied that she’s never had a negative response in person.

“Not once,” she confirmed.

“I felt more judged as a fat person, to be honest with you. You’re sort of out of control and putting on weight. People are judging your appearance.”

Despite some jabs on social media about her surgery, Ms Bennett told RadioLIVE that she has never once regretted the life-changing surgery.

“I have not had a moment’s regret on having the surgery.”

Listen to the full interview with Paula Bennett above. 

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