Rest home operator allegedly tried to silence family

Morning Talk 18/06/2018

Warning: This story contains photos that may disturb some people.

The daughter of a man who died in a South Auckland rest-home after being found with maggots in his open wounds says the company which runs the home tried to pressure her to stop talking with media.

Corina contacted RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury in February to talk about the treatment of her father at Palms Lifecare rest home in Pukekohe, just days before he died.

She claims the facility’s owner, Heritage Lifecare, attempted to silence her over the treatment of her dad.

“Initially, and through most of it, they showed empathy, they had a representative that we felt showed empathy.

“We had a formal apology, the little bit of a kick in the teeth that came with the formal apology - on the back of the letter also came a media release.

“[Company representatives] said that if I went to the media again, this is what they said they’d be saying.”

Corina says the Counties Manukau DHB report on her father’s case was sobering reading.

“The report was horrific. On the lack of treatment, on the lack of care, the lack of minimum standards being met for him. So from the day he entered that place, ‘til the day he left, it was just a nightmare for him.”

Corina says her father didn't pass away pain-free.

Corina says that three months on, the family still find the whole ordeal hard to comprehend.

He didn’t pass away pain-free, in the respectful way that he should have.

“He was just enveloped by pain and suffering, and it was worse than the family ever knew.

“It’s really devastating for the family. He was going there to pass away with dignity, pain-free and that our last few weeks, days - whatever we had with him, were going to be as pleasant as possible.”

Corina believes there are double standards when it comes to the care of our elderly.

“If a farmer did that to an animal - if somebody looked on to a farmer’s property and there was a sheep covered in feces, and needed dagging and shearing and it had wounds that hadn’t been treated and it had maggots on it, what do you think would happen to that farmer?

“The animal would be removed and the farmer would be prosecuted. In my father’s instance, what’s different? Nothing.”

Listen to the full interview with Corina above.

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