Growing inequality in our society needs addressing - Tamihere

Morning Talk 28/06/2018
Photo credit: File.

Former Cabinet Minister John Tamihere says something needs to be done to address the growing inequality in our society.

He told Mark Sainsbury on RadioLIVE’s Morning Talk, that the time has come to take bold steps to address the issue.

“You can’t have the 238 richest New Zealanders and one third of them carefully setting their tax returns at $70,000 a year when they’re on fifty million dollars or more. That’s a rort," Mr Tamihere said.

Violence increases, incareceration rates lift.

“That sense of entitlement and that ability to use your influence to not carry your fair share is unacceptable because the wage and salary earner - he’s got nowhere to run and hide.”

Mr Tamihere says the imbalance is becoming more and more obvious and that has a drastic effect on society and our most vulnerable citizens.

“You can’t start to fund a progressive society and community - you will have more rationing of welfare, healthcare and housing. And once you start rationing then you start getting pockets of deeply embedded difficulty. Violence increases, incarceration rates lift,” he told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interview with John Tamihere above.

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