Animal cruelty is part of our national culture - commentator

Morning Talk 30/07/2018
Photo: Getty.

Commentator Catriona McLennan says we have to re-evaluate how we treat animals.

In an opinion piece for, Ms McLennan says we have a double standard when it comes to treating animals.

She says it’s no surprise that a protected leopard seal was shot in the head on a Northland beach over the weekend, because cruelty to animals is part of our national culture.

The well-known barrister and journalist talked with Mark Sainsbury on RadioLIVE and points out that we have contradictory attitudes towards animals.

“We put them in different categories. One lot of animals we call companion animals and those are our cats and dogs.

“We think we should treat them well and look after them, but then farmed animals, we have lower standards for them.”

Catriona McLennan says we have to ask ourselves why we treat dogs and cats better than we treat cows and pigs.

“We also have hunted animals and animals that we think are pests, we think it’s ok to poison them with 1080 and they might take up to forty hours to die.

“Our attitudes are all a bit strange, really. For me it’s actually the cruelty - it’s the way we go about it. If we believe we should have fewer possums and rats and stoats, we’ve got to find humane ways of achieving that.”

Listen to the full interview with Catriona McLennan above.

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