Helen Clark 'should know better' - Sir Ray Avery

Morning Talk 05/07/2018
Helen Clark. Photo credit: Reuters.

Sir Ray Avery has come out swinging in defence of his proposed charity concert at Eden Park.

Under fire from both former Prime Minister Helen Clark and Mt Eden residents, Sir Ray spoke with RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury about the opposition to the concert which will raise money for his low-cost baby incubator scheme.

“I didn’t really recognise that somebody as prominent as Helen would put her hat in the ring. She should know a lot better,” he said.

She's probably seen as many dead babies as I have.


Ms Clark has submitted her disagreement to Auckland Council saying the concert was simply a "Trojan horse" to allow the council's park management division to hold more noisey concerts at the venue in the future.

She criticised the planning application proposed by Eden Park for not including any details about noise limit, which would impact the 4000 homes within a 1km diameter circle around it. Mt Smart stadium only has 93 homes within the equivalent zone.

Sir Ray Avery says he’s shocked at Ms Clark’s opposition given her commitment to women’s rights.

“She’s probably seen as many dead babies as I have in the way that she’s gone across the world, so it’s extraordinary that somebody who is on the world’s stage promoting women's rights would get down to this petty local borough politics.”

“The one letter that Helen’s put forward could bring down the whole concert,” he told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interview with Sir Ray Avery above.

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