How to get the best experience from your TV

Morning Talk 20/07/2018

Ensure you get the best experience from your television by keeping up to date with the latest technology.

Kurt Rodgers from Chorus joins Mark Sainsbury to give us a refresh on everything you need to know in 2018, including smart TVs, online services and fibre broadband.

Mr Rodgers highly recommends fibre internet, describing it as a rock solid performance.

The way technology is moving, it pays to set your home up well - bring your WiFi router out in the open so you can see it.

Enjoy your TV, the right way. Photo: Unsplash.

There are so many online TV services available, Mr Rodgers explains, if your smart TV doesn’t have the app you want, you can purchase Chrome Cast to connect your phone.

Watch the full interview with Kurt Rodgers above. 

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