Less homework allows more time to become well-rounded, says principal

Morning Talk 17/07/2018
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Reducing homework can encourage students to become more well-rounded citizens, says one Auckland principal.

Newton Central School scrapped what they describe as “traditional homework” earlier this year, instead requiring reading as the only after-school assignment.

Riki Teteina, principal of the primary school, told RadioLIVE that there is little to no research that suggests primary students need homework to succeed academically.

“There’s actually a lot of research out there that homework has little effect on students’ achievements,” he said.

Less homework is also suggested to encourage children to take on other positive activities, like reading at home or participating in a school after school. Parents are encouraged to get involved with the children’s studies, like discussing the book they’re reading or playing games that practice skills like tables or spelling.

“We felt that what was really important was developing that love of learning,” he said.

Mr Teteina said that parents have responded positively to the homework change. Many have remarked that there is less stress involved with fighting with their children on what assignments they may or may not have completed.   

“We want our children to be well-rounded, we want them to enjoy learning,” he explained. 

Listen to the full interview with Riki Teteina above.

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