NZIFF premiere night: Birds of Passage

Morning Talk 20/07/2018
Credit: New Zealand International Film Festival.

The New Zealand International Film Festival kicked off last night in Auckland, showcasing the film “Birds of Passage” for the premiere on its 50th run.

Bill Gosden, director of the NZIFF joins Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk, talking the success of last night, why films are still relevant and what to expect from the festival.

Mr Gosden says there is still reason for individuals to go the movies, a film can strike one person but maybe not another.

The team secure films that play at the Cannes Festival, having only two weeks to select their favourites.

When asked to describe what makes a good film, he says “You know when you’ve seen one.”

Mr Gosden says people love to gather and film festivals allow you to see new and terrific films.

Listen to the full interview with Bill Goldsen above. 

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