Rehab centre for troubled dogs - documentary

Morning Talk 13/07/2018
Photo credit: Dog's Best Friend.

A surefire fix for animal lovers and a valuable sketch for skeptics, this warm doco offers us intimate access to an Aussie rehab centre for troubled dogs.

Kiwi director Eryn Wilson joined Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk ahead of the world premiere screenings at the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Run by ex-soldier Jacob Leezak, the Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Psychology Centre is located on a property in outer Sydney that houses no fewer than 30 dogs at a time – all either abandoned, set to be euthanised or brought in by clients unable to handle their pet’s aggressive side.

The film was originally going to be a 60 minute feature on the dogs but the more Mr Wilson got to know Mr Leezak the more the film changed.

“I was intrigued by the man”, he said.

The film focuses on the bond between man and dog, observing Mr Leezak’s tailored process of rehabilitating misunderstood canines and the traumatic backgrounds that brought both him and his fiancée Jennah to this line of work.

See Dog’s Best Friend at the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Listen to the full interview with Eryn Wilson above.

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