Documentary celebrates legacy of Celia Lashlie

Morning Talk 03/08/2018
Credit: Newshub.

A moving documentary celebrates the enduring legacy of Celia Lashlie, a passionate advocate for social interventions that equipped those long deprived of choice with the tools for responsible decision making.

Amanda Millar, director joined RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury to discuss why she cares so deeply for Ms Lashlie and what she wants to achieve with her documentary.

Ms Lashlie was New Zealand’s first female prison officer to work in a men’s prison, and when she fell terminally ill she spoke with Ms Millar to create a documentary about her life.

The film, Celia, premieres at the New Zealand International Film Festival three years after Ms Lashlie passed away.

Ms Millar says interacting with Ms Lashlie was like “a drug, you just wanted more.”

She didn’t think she’d have time get an interview with her let alone make an entire documentary.

Making the documentary was “so raw and so hard”, and Ms Millar is hoping things will change as a result.

Find out more information about the film festival here.

Listen to the interview with Amanda Millar above.

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