Documentary film takes a look at censored footage

Morning Talk 02/08/2018
Credit: NZIFF.

A film at the New Zealand International Film Festival, Censored looks at all the footage that was cut from the Australian censor board.

Sari Braithwaite, director, spoke with RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury on how her views have changed since making this documentary.

Ms Braithwaite says it “sounds so fun” on the surface, but she became shocked when she wasn’t having fun making this film.

She says she went into it being against the censor, and thought it was wrong, but she came to see the other side.

Most of the content was violence from the male perspective, and Ms Braithwaite hopes the film will open up the possibility to discuss these issues.

Head to the NZIFF website for all the details.

Listen to the full interview with Sari Braithwaite above.

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