Lawyer fighting for Justice, literally

Morning Talk 21/08/2018
Bevan Marten. Photo: The Project.

A lawyer is on a crusade to make the Government allow parents to name their children Justice.

Lawyer Bevan Marten says it's the most frequently banned name in New Zealand.

Justice has been rejected as a name 65 times in the past five years.

Justice is one I think is a bit different.

"It’s one of a number of ranks and titles that you’re not allowed to have a name that can be confused with," he told RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury.

“Same with Judge or Duke or Prince, Justice is one I think is a bit different.”

The Government has made an exception before, allowing a New Zealand baby girl to be named Justice.

Justice Hetaraka is now a law student, and she got to keep the name after her mother refused to give it up.

The registrar of births, deaths and marriages can veto any name it doesn't like, including any name that resembles an official title or rank such as the name Justice.

In 2017, the rejects list included 'Messiah', 'Ida-Queen', '4Real', 'Senior Constable', and even a simple full-stop.

Listen to the full interview with Bevan Marten above.

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