Midge Marsden shares why he’s ‘pulling the pin’ on his music career

Morning Talk 09/08/2018

Keith Douglas “Midge” Marsden is retiring. And he’s looking forward to it.

“I can go back to being Keith again, no one will know who I am,” he said. 

The 72-year-old Kiwi blues legend told RadioLIVE's Mark Sainsbury that he’s over touring, and that there are other things he wants to concentrate on before his time is up.

'You can't retire!' Yes I can, just watch!

“I’ve enjoyed what I’ve for done all these years, but I want to do a bit more travel, a few more things, so I thought ‘right, I’m pulling the pin’.

“All of a sudden there’s this flurry of activity from people going ‘you can’t retire!’, yes I can, just watch!”

“I’m a bit tired of the routine of it all, y’know, sitting in the back of a Hiace, doing eight hours in a row, all that sort of stuff.

“I don’t really tour much any more, not too many people do, you just do little selected gigs here and there.”

The Taranaki native will play his last New Plymouth show at the end of this month, but doesn’t want his last gigs to be called a 'farewell' tour.

“I’m just going to try going back to every little place that I’ve played over the years and just do one more gig.”

Listen to the interview with Midge Marsden above.

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