Winston's fat jibe 'simply bad manners' - psychologist

Morning Talk 02/08/2018
Photo: Newshub.

A psychologist says Winston Peters "throw fatty out" comment in Parliament was nothing less than bullying.

In one of his final moments as Acting Prime Minister, Mr Peters called on the Speaker to "throw fatty out" of Parliament.

It is not certain who the comment was directed at, though the preceding dialogue indicates National's Gerry Brownlee was likely the intended target.

Psychologist Sarah Chatwin told RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury that bullying doesn’t stop at school.

“It’s very petty, very childlike, except when children say stuff like that, they don’t know the implications of what they’re saying often,  so it’s not quite as bad as an adult saying it.”

Mr Peters' comment was made while tensions were high at Parliament - New Zealand First MP Tracey Martin had just announced the head of an inquiry was stepping down after scrutiny over her endorsements on LinkedIn.

It's very petty, very childlike.

The jeering from Opposition benches was so loud the Speaker said he couldn't hear Ms Martin, despite the microphone.

"I'm first of all going to have the Shadow Leader of the House withdraw and apologise," the Speaker was saying, when Mr Peters' voice was heard through the microphone.

The Shadow Leader of the House is Gerry Brownlee.

The comment is far from the first time offensive comments have been made in Parliament.

Last month, Kelvin Davis called National MP Jacqui Dean "hysterical" during a select committee.

In May, the Speaker Trevor Mallard says he heard someone in National call the Prime Minister a "stupid little girl."

Sarah Chatwin says making a comments like these at any time is simply bad manners.

“With all due respect, Gerry Brownlee would probably realise that he is overweight and he has probably had conversations with friends and family members.”

After a six-week stint as Acting Prime Minister, Winston Peters has handed responsibility back to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Mr Peters is travelling to Singapore to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum and East Asia Summit Ministerial Meetings.

Listen to the full interview call with Sarah Chatwin above.

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