Council bans jumping from Devonport wharf

Morning Talk 26/09/2018
Photo: Getty.

The North Shore community of Devonport is alarmed over a council ban on jumping from a local wharf.

The ban on jumping from the Torpedo Bay wharf follows the death of a child after falling from the wharf last year.

Well-known Devonport resident David Slack says the wharf is a social hub for the kids of Devonport and has been for generations.

“It’s a really big deal here and all the kids love it, it’s partly a way for them to all meet.  

It's such a great way for teenagers to converge somewhere.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been here since 1990, kids have been there every summer jumping off, and they just do it all day long.”

David Slack says the unfortunate death of the toddler was unrelated to the tradition of wharf jumping.

“Of course as soon as something like that happens, everybody resolves ‘we’ve got to do something’ “

He says his own daughter jumped off the wharf without incident and, while the family lived within minutes of the wharf had there been a problem, they never worried because the kids congregated in numbers.

“There’s a safety in numbers to it, because it’s such a great way for teenagers to converge somewhere and that’s the thing that matters more than anything, somewhere where you can all hang out.

“We knew she was with all these other kids, and we knew she was safe and all the parents were like that.”

Listen to the full interview with David Slack above.

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