Housing ranks top concern for New Zealanders – research

Morning Talk 14/09/2018

Kiwis believe housing is the most important issue facing New Zealand today, according to new research.

The survey, conducted by market research company Ipsos, asked New Zealanders to rank the issues facing the country today, including poverty, healthcare, crime, and cost of living.

Despite income levels and gender, the vast majority of respondents agreed that housing affordability and accessibility is the most worrisome issue facing the country.

“More people are concerned about housing now than at the beginning of the year,” said Carin Hercock, Ipsos NZ managing director.

On the contrary, Australians are less worried about housing, ranking it fourth among their top concerns facing their country.

“Twice as many New Zealanders are worried about housing as they are in Australia,” Ms Hercock told RadioLIVE.

Despite New Zealand’s housing concerns, the study also indicated that people perceive the Labour-led Government to be doing a better job than the previous National government in 2017.

The coalition Government has long promised it would prioritise New Zealand’s “housing crisis”, with its flagship KiwiBuild programme aimed at building 100,000 homes for first-time buyers over 10 years.

In August, Parliament passed the ‘foreign buyers ban’ which will stop overseas residents from buying most types of homes.

The move was part of the Government’s plan to remedy New Zealand's housing shortage and address the declining rate of home ownership.

In July, property strategist Leonie Freeman told The AM Show that New Zealand needs more than KiwiBuild to meet housing demands.

“We need to be more creative with how we assist people into housing,” she said. 

Watch the full interview with Carin Hercock above.

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