Kiwis not walking dogs as much as they should – SPCA

Morning Talk 31/10/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

The majority of New Zealand dog owners think pooches get a daily walk despite not doing so themselves, according to new research.

New SPCA-commissioned research found that 60 percent of the country’s dog owners think dogs should be walked at least seven times a week, while less than 30 percent of owners actually do this.

“Every time we adopt we’re very clear around what sort of commitment you’re taking on to make sure [the dog owners] think about that before they adopt an animal,” said Andrea Midgen, CEO of SPCA.

Ms Midgen told RadioLIVE that they want aspiring dog owners to consider whether their own lifestyle fits with the commitment of walking their pup every day.

“Of course, lots of people say they will – just like lots of people say they’ll go on a diet – and then life happens and they don’t,” she told RadioLIVE.

The research also found that, unsurprisingly, walking the dog can benefit the owners in stress relief and overall mood.

Around 80 percent of dog owners said that walking the dog helps them de-stress and unwind, while 70 percent of dog owners admit the walk puts them in a better mood for the day.

The research comes as SPCA launches a campaign to encourage dog owners to get active – both for themselves and their dog.

The campaign, called ‘Walk Your Dog to the Moon’, kicks off this weekend at various locations around the country.  

Listen to the full interview with Andrea Midgen above.

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