Poll shows ‘underlying strength’ of National – Simon Bridges

Morning Talk 24/10/2018
Simon Bridges at the Hawke's Bay A&P Show. Photo: Getty.

National leader Simon Bridges remains optimistic after a poll released unfavourable results for the party.

The latest 1NEWS Colmar Brunton poll shows the Labour Party is now ahead of National in the eyes of the public.

Labour is up 3 percent to 45 percent, while National is down 2 percent to 43 percent.

“The reality is 43 percent is strong. It shows the underlying strength of National,” Mr Bridges told RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury.

“Let’s be clear – this was when we were in the eye in the storm,” Mr Bridges laughed, referring to a few tumultuous weeks of allegations from rogue MP Jami-Lee Ross.

The Ross saga has been one of the roughest chapters in National’s history, with Mr Bridges accused of being “corrupt” and concealing an alleged $100,000 donation.

Mr Bridges' personal poll rating also took a tumble, falling 3 percent to just 7 percent - his lowest since he became leader.

The National leader remains positive that despite the claims being tossed around, the National Party still remains strong in the eyes of the public.

“When we get back to talking to things that matter… we will again be much higher in the polls and seen as a very credible alternative to this Government,” Mr Bridges told RadioLIVE.

These results put Labour ahead of National for the first time since February, and would deliver 68 seats to the Coalition Government based on current polling.

Listen to the full interview with Simon Bridges above.

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