Disappearance of Saudi journalist ‘the flavour of the time’ – expert

Morning Talk 12/10/2018
Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared a week ago.

An expert says the disappearance of the Saudi journalist in Turkey reflects “the flavour of the time” in international relations.

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared a week ago at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to get documents related to his forthcoming marriage.

His fiancee, who was waiting, said he never re-emerged.

“This is just another state-sponsored assassination on foreign soil,” alleged Waikato University Law professor Al Gillespie.

Most countries right now would prefer to have the money from trade.

Turkish sources said they believe Mr Khashoggi, a prominent critic of Saudi policies, was killed inside the mission. Turkish pro-government newspaper Sabah identified a 15-member intelligence team it says are involved in of Mr Khashoggi.

Saudi Arabia has denied the accusations that it killed or abducted Mr Khashoggi. 

Mr Gillespie suspects traditional rules of international diplomacy have been up-ended due to trade interests.

“Countries are starting to do what they’d do at home but in other people’s countries,” said Mr Gillespie.

He suggests that international trade, especially the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, will trump any sanctions the international community could impose upon the Kingdom.

“Boris Johnson’s concerned, Donald Trump’s concerned, but whether anyone would actually stop the very lucrative arms sales to Saudi Arabia is very unlikely.”

Listen to the full interview with Al Gillespie above.

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