‘Greatest, fastest broadband out there’: Chorus connecting more people to fibre

Morning Talk 29/11/2018
Photo: Getty.

New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company Chorus is on a mission to get more Kiwis connected to fibre broadband.

“Fibre is great because we know more New Zealander’s are connecting more and more devices within the home, so you need the fastest the broadband possible,” says Kayn Miller, Workstream Lead of Fibre Connect at Chrous.

“We believe fibre is the fastest broadband out there to connect all of your devices to.”

Mr Miller told RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury that he is working to make fibre broadband simpler and easier for people to access.

“The big thing that we see from our consumer research is that with our fibre connect process our customers want it to be easier, so that’s really my job – to lead a programme to make things as easy as possible for customers.”

Data recorded at June 2018 found 25 percent of installs were in one day. Chorus is targeting 50 percent by Christmas.

“We’ve just cracked over 500,000 customers connected to fibre which is a massive effort.”

“We think it’s the greatest broadband out there,” Mr Miller said.

Fibre’s fast connectivity allows for greater, uninterrupted services of digital streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

To find out if fibre is available in your area, visit chorus.co.nz.

Listen to the full interview with Kayn Miller above.

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