Bill banning gay conversion therapy enters member's ballot lottery

Morning Talk 02/11/2018

Conversion therapy could be banned in New Zealand if Labour List MP Marja Lubeck gets support from other MPs.

Labour is pushing Ms Lubeck’s member’s bill, which aims to put an end to a practice that proponents say uses psychotherapy to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals.

Ms Lubeck told RadioLIVE that conversion therapy is harmful and shouldn’t be promoted.

“Not only is it giving them false hope, it’s also reinforcing the message that whatever they’re feeling, they’re not right.”

The Prohibition of Conversion Therapy Bill bans advertising or offering and treatment which aims to change a person’s sexuality.

The new Labour Party member says people in this situation are vulnerable and the last thing they need to hear is that there is a treatment available to fix them.

Both the Prime Minister and National leader Simon Bridges have not revealed how they would vote, with both saying they’ll review the facts before making a decision.  

"I will be interested to see what they come up with," Jacinda Ardern said.

Listen to the full interview with Marja Lubeck above.

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