International Men’s Day: ‘It’s ok to talk about our health’

Morning Talk 19/11/2018
Credit: Getty.

To celebrate International Men's Health day, mens health advocates joined RaidoLIVE to share a simple message.

“It's ok to talk about our health, it’s ok to talk about our lifestyle with our mates.”

Chairman of the Men’s Health Trust Phil Clemas, and Medical Advisor and Trustee Dr Graeme Washer joined Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk and say part of the problem is the very concept of what it mean to be a ‘kiwi bloke’.

“Part of the problem is the version of masculinity that we were trained in when we were kids. Tough strong, staunch, you provide you cope and you don’t talk about it.”

Dr Washer says while women wills stereotypically build a relationship with their doctor earlier in life and generally be more comfortable speaking to them, men often wait ‘till the wheels fall off’ before reaching out.

He also stresses that getting men to open up about both their mental and their physical health is crucially important

“I see a lot of men in my practice who have debilitating levels of anxiety.”

Every year 3000 Kiwi men die of preventable causes and have a suicide rate 3 times higher than women. Find out more about Men’s Day here.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Walsh and Phil Clemas above.

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