Wally Haumaha has been ‘grossly misrepresented’ – Shane Jones

Morning Talk 13/11/2018

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones says the Wally Haumaha report proves that he has “every right” to remain Deputy Police Commissioner.

“I think he’s been grossly misrepresented,” Mr Jones told RadioLIVE.

The report released on Monday found the appointment process for Mr Haumaha was sound, and recommended that “unsubstantiated rumours and innuendo” should not be a hurdle for advancement.

“That report says he’s got every right to stay in his job,” emphasised Mr Jones.

The inquiry into his appointment had been triggered when it emerged he called the alleged police rape of Louise Nicholas "nonsense" during an investigation in 2004. In a previous statement Mr Haumaha apologised and expressed regret about the comments.

The NZ First MP says the report shows that the “media brouhaha” was intended to drive Mr Haumaha out of his job.

"I've got not a sliver of doubt that Wally Haumaha - and I can think of thousands of other Māori in New Zealand - are very proud of the role he currently undertakes and I don't think innuendo should be used to destroy."

But several women who complained about DC Haumaha say they still have concerns about him and he should not have been given the job as Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Two who have placed complaints about DC Haumaha's behaviour with the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) say their complaints about bullying have been minimised.

"In 2016 we struggled to get our complaints about Deputy Commissioner Haumaha's behaviour taken seriously. We came up against impenetrable systemic barriers.

"We want to be clear: we complained," the women wrote in a statement to Newshub.

Police Minister Stuart Nash says he's not prepared to put his confidence behind Mr Haumaha until a separate Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) is completed.

"We don't want to prejudice that in any way, shape or form, so let's just wait until that's back," he told media.

Mr Nash said the decision on whether Mr Haumaha would return to his office would be a decision for the Police Commissioner.

Mr Haumaha issued a statement on Monday saying he welcomed the news  that the appointment process had been carried out correctly.

"I want to thank all those who have assisted the Inquiry.  It has not been easy for anyone, as I know from my own weeks and months waiting for the outcome," Mr Haumaha said in the statement. 

Minister for State Services Chris Hipkins told media on Monday the report "speaks for itself".

He said the Government has "full confidence" in the appointment process, which he described as "sound and robust".

Listen to the full interview with Shane Jones above.

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