New Zealand 'being gutted' by PC culture - Winston Peters

Morning Talk 04/12/2018
Photo: Getty.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has launched a blistering attack on New Zealand's political correct society.

"Half of the zing, excitement and enjoyment of life is being gutted and sucked out of society by people who decide they will be the language Nazis," Mr Peters told RadioLIVE's Mark Sainsbury.

"And if you don't use their language or their sentiments, then they're going to personally attack you."

The attack on political correctness comes after a New Zealand woman alleged that she was racially discriminated against for being called 'Kiwi'. The South Australian Employment Tribunal dismissed the case.

When Mr Peters was asked whether bullying is indeed worsening, he replied that New Zealand is "upon a new PC age".

He warned RadioLIVE listeners to "be careful of those Nazis out there" who want to control everything New Zealanders do.

"People need to be able to express themselves. And often, these expressions are out of affection."

Mr Peters argued that political correctness was the issue in Nelson's attempt at an ethnically diverse Santa, where the local parade featured a bare-faced Maori Santa with a short-sleeved shirt, red korowai and large fish-hook sceptre.

"What were the children expecting to see and why were they denied that sight?" Mr Peters asked.

"It's absolute dribble, mate, and we should call it out."

Listen to the full interview with Winston Peters above.

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