Watch: Mark Sainsbury presents petition to MP Jenny Marcroft

Morning Talk 20/12/2018

It's been the year full of shocking allegations of elderly abuse and rest home conditions.

After hearing horrible tales from his listeners, RadioLIVE's Mark Sainsbury launched a petition to the Government to create a champion for elderly citizens.

"This petition is the best way we can do something without just talking about it," he said in June.

After months of campaigning for supporters, Sainsbury is now equipped with over 13,000 and the support from the very caller who shared her story.

Earlier this year, RadioLIVE listener Corina O'Brien shared disturbing details around her father's rest home - alleging that her father had been severely neglected up until his death.

Corina, her brother Paul, and Sainsbury joined forces on Thursday to present the petition to New Zealand First MP Jenny Marcroft.

Ms Marcroft, who is a spokesperson for Human rights, will take the petition to Parliament for review.

Watch the full video above.