'Send them home': Stuart Nash's strong words for rowdy tourists

News 17/01/2019
Photos: Newshub.

Police Minister Stuart Nash has some strong words for a group of rowdy tourists that have caused trouble during their holiday in New Zealand.

The group of at least 12 have been accused of not paying for meals, trashing hotel rooms and littering during their stay in Auckland and Hamilton.

Yesterday one member of the group, Tina Marie Cash, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft in the Hamilton District Court.

Mr Nash told RadioLIVE the group isn't the kind of people that should be visiting NZ, and had a very clear message about what to do with them.

"Send them home. These are not the sort of people that we want enjoying the sights and the scenery of this country.

"The vast majority of tourists that come over here come because they love what they've seen, they love what we stand for which is clean, green, 100 percent pure. They contribute, they spend money and we welcome them."

Some of the tourists outside court. Photo: Newshub.

The group were served deportation liability notices at a Hamilton Burger King after they were involved in an incident there.

"You have 14 days to appeal to Immigration NZ on why you should remain in New Zealand or 28 to appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal," immigration officers told them.

A member of the group told NZME they were headed home early anyway because they don't feel welcome in New Zealand.

"We're here to see the Hobbits ... I've been looking at the Hobbits my whole life, since I'm born. That was originally what our plans was but it's all been f**ked up now," John Johnson said.

But Mr Nash said Mr Johnson and his group were disrespecting the country.

"People who treat our country and our people like this, we don't want them here, we really don't.

"I've been unequivocal, get them out of the country, send them home and let's welcome the 99.9 percent of people who come over here and treat our country and our people with respect."