Breakfast with Stephen McIvor: In case you missed it

News 22/10/2018

The 4-day working week

New Zealand trusts business Perpetual Guardian has signed off on the four-day week, turning an experiment into company policy. Perpetual Guardian founder Andrew Barnes first introduced the reduced workweek in March to see what impact, if any, it would have on productivity levels. It was a huge success.

Safety on the water

Labour Weekend marks the start of surf lifesaving season, Sharyn Forsyth, Maritime NZ Deputy Director says it’s also when many boaties get out on the water. The boats they are in have been parked up for winter, so Maritime NZ and Safe Boating Forum have new safety campaigns underway called 'No Excuses" to ensure boaties do the right thing.

Labour Day

Labour Day was first celebrated in New Zealand on 28 October 1890, when several thousand trade union members and supporters attended parades in the main centres. In 1840, Samuel Parnell won an eight hour working day in Wellington. Chris Trotter explains.

The Royal Tour

On their last day 'Down Under' before jetting off for a South Pacific spell, Harry and Meghan will travel to Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland. They will meet with local elders and learn about the island’s rich indigenous history. They will also learn about the island’s use as a training camp for troops in WWII. The Duke and Duchess will then depart for Fiji. RadioLIVE reporter Lauren Paddy has been following the Royals.

Pro Mini Golf

For some, mini golf isn't just something to do on date night, or something to do with the kids on the weekend. West Auckland fanatic Mini Golfer Bobby Hart is in the Pro League, he has played in Europe where the game is huge and is hoping to make it with a team to the world champs in China.

"Breakfast with Stephen McIvor is a Labour Day special."