"I just thought it was tacky" - Mitch Harris

Night Talk 20/06/2018
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Tonight on Night talk, Mitch Harris throws out some hot new topics, and we hear your views.

First up tonight, Mitch looks at public proposals and asks whether or not they are a prime example of “virtue signalling”.

Mitch also takes a look at the current state of the refugee crisis, and discusses the cruelty of separating immigrant children from their parents.

He also takes a look at a variety of topics, inlcuding a look at the man Mitch lovingly refers to as "Trumpy".

Hitler had some good ideas too.

Mitch asks the question "is this Trump's Katrina moment?".

These are the other questions Mitch looks at:

  • How do we get rid of plastic without banning it?
  • Can you give up cash? What do you use cash for?
  • Will we miss out on seeing the Rugby World Cup?
  • Why shouldn’t Thomas Markle make some money? Does he have to buy into their rules?
  • Do we want self-driving cars?
  • What is gluten? What is the advantage of it? What is celiac’s disease?

To get a taste of the show listen to a snippet of Mitch Harris above. 

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