'Trump does not believe in liberal internationalism' - Paul Buchanan

Night Talk 21/06/2018
Photo: Reuters.

Tonight on Night Talk, Mitch Harris throws out some somewhat controversial topics, and we hear your views.

Mitch starts the show off with a spotlight on the current state of “Trumptopia”.

First up we are joined by Paul Buchanan, former policy analyst and intelligence consultant to US government agencies, specialising in matters of security.

Paul discusses the ramifications of last week’s meeting between the Koreas, China and a possible impending trade war.

We have had the erosion of US supremacy…other power contenders have risen

He also looks at Trumps hopes to destroy NATO and child separations at the Mexican border. 

Photo: Reuters.

These are the other questions Mitch looks at:

  • Is sugar worse than tabacco? 
  • Is everyething we do to encourage healthy eating a waste of time?
  • Is Trump really trying to break up the western alliance and Nato?
  • What will China be thinking?
  • Are the forced separations Trump's Katrina?
  • $132 thousand dollar statue. Should the parents pay? It wasn't secured.

To get a taste of the show listen to a snippet of Paul Buchanan above. 

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