Controversial wheel clamper calls to defend actions

Night Talk 14/06/2018
Image: File.

An Auckland employee has come to defend his actions in a wheel clamping case, which found a couple charged $760 to release their car.

Michael Organ, who is employed by Bashford Antiques, made the news in 2017 when multiple complaints were made in Ponsonby and Grey Lynn regarding wheels being clamped within a short amount of time.

Mr Organ called RadioLIVE and had a fiery exchange with Jeremy Parkinson over wheel clamping.

“We had very large signs,” he explained, adding that the signs were over 5 feet tall.

According to the NZ Herald, a couple parked outside Bashford Antiques in October 2017 and assumed it would be fine because it was after hours. When the car owner returned after 15 minutes to check the car, she found a wheel clamp on her car.

“The signs were a contract. That property was covered by contract law.”

Mr Organ emphasised that there was a posted sign on every car park since they first began clamping wheels.  

Transport Minister Phil Twyford previously called wheel clampers "bottom feeders", remarking that he personally wanted the practice made illegal.

Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi has called to cap the amount clampers could charge, but has indicated that banning wheel clamping outright is unlikely.

If you think you've been clamped unfairly, check Consumer NZ’s parking enforcers' code of practice here

Listen to the full call from Michael Organ above. 

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