Jeremy Parkinson: 'Think about what Shane Jones is saying'

Night Talk 14/06/2018
Credit: The AM Show / Newshub.

Night talk - Jeremy Parkinson opening comments, Thursday 14th June 2018.

Tonight: do you think certain businesses get an uneven say in how we live in New Zealand?

On Wednesday, New Zealand First Minister Shane Jones called for the resignation of Fonterra's chairman. He said the country's biggest company should "focus less on interfering in politics and more on justifying the money they've lost overseas".

On Thursday Winston Peters, about to become the acting Prime Minister, backed him up.

"I think somebody should have been making a comment a long time ago," Mr Peters told Newshub.

However, the Prime Minister says that's not the Government's position.

"He's shared a personal opinion, it's not government policy, and that's the end of the story," Ms Ardern told Newshub.

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