Latest in business - Les Moonves, business confidence in NZ drops

Night Talk 31/07/2018
Image: Reuters.

Every Tuesday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris talks with Elevation Capital founder and CEO Christopher Swasbrook on the latest business headlines, both here in New Zealand and internationally.

On the table tonight:
- Les Moonves, the chief executive of US television network CBS, has been accused of sexual misconduct by six different women spanning several decades in a report by the same journalist who exposed Harvey Weinstein. 
- CBS shares on the New York Stock Exchange continue to fall after the network today announced Moonves will be staying in his current position as an investigation into his conduct is undertaken. How low could CBS shares fall? (Since the story broke, CBS shares have dropped from $57.36 US last week to $51.28 US currently).
- Business confidence in New Zealand has dropped to levels not seen since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Why?
- What were the biggest mistakes made during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and by whom?
- Why did Hank Paulson not bail out Lehmann Brothers in 2008?
- Why have there been so many negative business headlines lately - both in New Zealand and internationally?
- Tuesday night business finishes this week with Chris taking questions from RadioLIVE listeners.

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