Mitch Harris: 'Are the wealthy kicking us off our land in NZ?'

Night Talk 23/07/2018
Credit: Getty.

Night Talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Monday 23rd July 2018.

Tonight: should Kiwi's be free to walk across land bought by American celebrity Matt Lauer?

A stoush is currently going on between the New Zealand Government and American television personality Matt Lauer regarding the purchased lease to Hunter Valley Station on the shores of Lake Hāwea for $13 million last year.

Now, access to the Hāwea Conservation Park could be completely cut off to others if Lauer gets his way regarding the land. Should New Zealanders and tourists be allowed to cross the land that Mr Lauer has bought?

Should the NZ Government have to pay Lauer compensation to get access for people to walk across this land?

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