Mitch Harris: 'Calling an unborn disabled kid munted is shameful'

Night Talk 01/08/2018
Credit: TVNZ / South Pacific Pictures.

Night Talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Wednesday 1st August 2018.

Tonight: There are two stories in the news today that have courted controversy because of the language used.

The first one: Members of New Zealand's Down syndrome community say they are "appalled" by an "insensitive and ignorant" recent Shortland Street storyline.

But the show's broadcaster TVNZ and production company South Pacific Pictures are defending it.

In the soap opera, couple Zoe Carlson and Chris Warner discover their unborn baby is likely to have Down syndrome. The New Zealand Down Syndrome Association (NZDSA) say using the term 'munted' to describe an unborn child with Down syndrome is 'just so offensive'.

The second controversial story today: Winston Peters, in one of his final moments as Acting Prime Minister, called on the Speaker to "throw fatty out" of Parliament.

It is not certain who the comment was directed at, though the preceding dialogue indicates National's Gerry Brownlee was likely the intended target.

Does New Zealand have a problem with fat-shaming? Has Winston Peters tarnished his time as Acting Prime Minister with this comment?

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