Mitch Harris: 'Regarding the flag, to be honest I agree with Lucy Lawless'

Night Talk 31/07/2018
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Night Talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Tuesday 31st July 2018.

Tonight: How would you feel if you saw someone burning the New Zealand flag?

This morning, The AM Show host Duncan Garner slammed Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless for saying she wouldn't be offended if she saw someone burning the New Zealand flag. 

"I disagree with the Warrior Princess who is not my Warrior Princess today," Garner said, referring to Ms Lawless' role in her 1995-2001 hit TV show Xena: Warrior Princess

"Lucy Lawless, with every bone in my body, I disagree with you," said Garner. 

Which side of this argument are you on? Mitch says he agrees with Lucy Lawless.

Also tonight: Why would someone not be happy with a doctor after they've just saved your life? 

A man is upset after finding out a dead person's bones were used without his permission in a surgical operation on his neck.

Mr A, who wanted to be anonymous, only found out the dead person's bones were used six weeks after the operation at a check-up with the surgeon.

"When I was going to have the operation I was told they would take bone off my hip," he told RadioLIVE.

"When I spoke to the surgeon on the six-week check-up I said how come I didn't have a sore hip? What happened? And he told me what they'd used, which was a shock."

Mr A, who used to work as a funeral director, has complained to the Health and Disability Commissioner about the incident.

He said if he'd been given the choice, he wouldn't have agreed to the use of a dead person's bones.

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