Paul Buchanan: 'Trump is losing his mind because of this op-ed'

Night Talk 06/09/2018
Credit: Getty.

To talk on the latest news out of America, Mitch Harris talks with Paul Buchanan, Director at 36th Parallel Assessments and former intelligence and defence policy analyst at the White House under US President Bill Clinton.

On the agenda tonight:
- How is US President Donald Trump coping after the New York Times published an op-ed by an anonymous author, who is described as a “senior official in the Trump administration”?
- A look towards the November mid-term elections. Are the Republicans in trouble?
- Could Trump possibly resign as US President after the mid-term elections?
- Did Nike do the right thing for their brand by using Colin Kaepernick in their latest advertising campaign?
- How did Nike conduct the research into using Kaepernick as a face for their brand?
- US Senate Candidate Beto O'Rourke is in a tight race against Ted Cruz in Texas, even after O'Rourke caused a car accident while drunk and then fled the scene.
- Serious claims have been made against the US President by journalist Bob Woodward in a new book called "Fear: Trump in the White House". Has Trump's denials of these claims been strong enough?
- Why are multiple top officials in Trump's administration starting to 'lawyer up'?
- Why are nations in the Five Eyes alliance pushing for access of encrypted content on social media?

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