Mitch Harris: 'Cellphone Zombies keep walking into things, it's a real problem'

Night Talk 08/08/2018
Image: YouTube.

Night Talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, 8th August 2018.

Tonight: The problem of people walking into things while on their cellphone now has a name - 'cellphone zombies'. Have you ever seen someone put themselves in danger while looking down at their cellphone?

In Australia, moves are being made to make a high-pitched screeching sound in someone's headphones at rail stations to alert them of an oncoming train.

Also tonight: There is outrage in Queenstown after a 30-year-old plumber blew almost 4 times over the legal breath-alcohol limit, and the judge in charge of his case last week let him off - he was discharged without conviction. 

How could a judge do this, even if the plumber has made efforts to right his wrongs since the incident? Do you think the judge was too lenient in this case?

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