Mitch Harris: 'Matthew Hooten completely spazzed out today'

Night Talk 14/08/2018
Credit: Newshub.

Night Talk - Mitch Harris opening comments, Tuesday 14th August 2018.

Tonight: Why are so many people trying to defend the spending of Simon Bridges?

Today on RadioLIVE's Drive show with Ryan Bridge and Amanda Gillies (in for Lisa Owen), political commentator Matthew Hooten launched into a massive tirade against Newshub journalist Tova O'Brien.

Hooten is well-known in media circles for his relationship with Simon Bridges, and he's accused O'Brien of 'misleading' people regarding the leaked information of Bridges' expenditure during his NZ road trip - which cost the taxpayers more than $113,000.

The National leader is already under pressure after Judith Collins refused to delete a 'fake-news' tweet directed at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and now Hooten will add to that pressure after his outburst accusing the journalist of being 'left-leaning'.

Who do you think leaked the spending details of the National Party leader?

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