Mitch Harris: 'We didn't let Tyson in, so why should Manning be allowed?'

Night Talk 28/08/2018
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Night Talk: Mitch Harris opening comments, 28th August 2018.

Tonight: Should Chelsea Manning be allowed into New Zealand and profit from her speaking tour?

The National Party says the Government should refuse to allow US whistleblower Chelsea Manning to visit New Zealand for a speaking tour.

"She is a convicted felon. Ordinary rules should apply, there shouldn't be special treatment," says National Party leader Simon Bridges.

Ms Manning, a former US Army intelligence analyst, was found guilty of espionage and theft and sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking military files to Wikileaks.

Also tonight: Have you ever been chased by an overly amorous animal? There's a bizarre news story out of France today - a French Mayor has banned swimming at a beach because an amorous dolphin keeps rubbing up against swimmers and boats!

We'd love to hear your stories about overly amorous animals tonight!

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